Tnreginet. gov. in patta, tnreginet.gov. in tamil english, tnreginet portal 2, www tnreginet net வீட்டில், EC view – This is an unofficial web portal https://www.pattachitta.co.in portal. Now you can apply all registration here such as marriage certificate, Birth certificate and chitta online. www.tnregi.net/english/smar.asp is simply called as TN registration web portal. This page will be entering all news about reginet. In case you will login to official please use all links that page. if you will not find that pages please go to pattachitta.co.in in our website. Now TN peoples are going to official TN web portal i.e. pattachitta.co.in. The visitors can must entering following details:-
The pattachitta.co.in site will be publishing documents and registrations links here.
1. Sales documents - Four percentage
2. Donation documents - Four percentage
3. Transaction - 4%
4. Compensation Mortgage - 1%
5. Mortgage independent - 1%
6. Selling Agreement - 1%
7. Building Contract Agreement - 1%
8. Cancellation Documents - Rs.50
9. Partition Documents - ?
10. Sale of public power - Rs.10000
11. The nature of documents - Free
12. Donation Settlement - ?
13. Joint Venture
14. Liberation
15. Leasing
The above information were had listed by official. If you will see all documents please go to refer original one. You must login official one like this below picture,
1. User Registration 

If you are applying villangam you will see their status please use villanga certificate on that page. Then the status will come and see their results on your screen.

·        Street name
Survey Number

·        Village details
For Example

·        Finally visit guideline value on online site

TN peoples are must register Tnreginet site on first time. The link is https://tnreginet.gov.in/portal
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